lørdag 2. mai 2009

I miss....

Last night me and some friends was talking about rare fruits, and i suddenly remembered the time when i tasted a fruit called Dorian. A Dorian is Philiphines national fruit, and i did`nt like it. But, the story about how it came to be called "The Deadliest Fruit" are still printed in my mind.
Everyone who have seen a Dorian, know`s what i mean. The big fruit is at the size of a Bowlingball, and at the same weigth, and it hangs in the top of the tree`s. But thats not all, because it has sharp tines all over, and if you get one of those in your head, i`ll bet you dont have much chance....
And, as we were speaking of Dorians and such, i came back to missing the Philiphines, specially Tagum City, Manila, Boracay and the people i got to know during my time there.
Now, when the spring arrives here in Norway, i miss it even more.. Seeing the sun, the green gras, the trees getting green and the sunset. Even the smell of warm ground in the evening makes me miss the trip over there...
I want to go back, and maybe i will- This year, or the next year...
This picture is from Boracay, the island we were visiting for a week of our trip.
Boracay is like Paradise, its like heaven...
If i could choose to move all my friends and family to ONE place, Boracay would be it!!
Boracay is a small Island, and there`s almost no car`s there... Its sunny, green, always warm, nice people, blue/green water, and a lot of small shops everywere.
If you want to go anywhere, you can always take a bike-taxi, or the small Jeepney`s/mopedtaxi.
One thing who`s always been a big part of my life, is caring for the one`s who dosen`t have all the good things in there life, as we have. And in Philipines it was a lot of poor small kids. And for those who know`s me, you can guess what a big part of my holiday was spent on!
I was buying clothes, food and water to drink for the kids I met.
For me, nothing would be more naturally....
That`s why I also have put a Picture of me and the little boy here. He was 1 year old, and very little for his age. He did`nt wear anything else but a t-shirt, and was lying in the sand all alone... I could`nt help but picking him up, hugging him and playing for a while.....

But most of all, the white, lovely beach!!!

Manila is also a place i miss. I was`nt there for so long, but still it`s a memory for life, and a place I`d love to go back to, just for shopping, looking and taking pictures.

For me, the trip was a big turn in my life. I realized what we have here, and what we can be proud of getting for free in Norway. Yes, we pay taxes, but so what? If we`re sick, we get help! If we`re hungry we get food! If we`re thirsty, we get clean water everywhere!
Even when we`re in a toilet- we get toiletpaper!
We have hot water in the shower, we have roof over our head`s, we have everything we`re dreaming of, and still we want even more, and complain MORE, MORE and MORE!
This trip made me realize that we have it all!
And at the end of this blog-post, I want to tell you about some of the people I miss. Because they are the reason I`d loved this trip!
My stepmom`s family, who opened the door for us, and they took us to the nices and best places to see and experience. They gave me so much, just by beeing them self.

Muriel, Juvy, Tearl, Arar, Cha Cha, Along, Akon- everyone! Thanks for a lovely trip last year!
I really hope to see you all soon again! Remember to take care of eachother! <3
And everyone- if you want to go for a trip, go to Asia- Philiphines!
It`s cheap, it`s hot, It`s lovely, It`s so nice people over there!!!! :-D
It`s an experience for life!

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